Not so bad once you’re up? The fortunes of teams promoted to the English top flight

There was once a time when a club could make an impression on the upper reaches of the top flight soon, or even immediately, after being promoted. The below graphic charts the fortunes of teams in their first, second and third seasons after promotion from the English second tier over the last forty years. You … Continue reading

One Too Many Managers

I recently posted a series of graphs showing the effects of changing manager on the battle against relegation among newly promoted teams. As a Newcastle fan and punishment glutton, I had no choice but to apply the same to the masterpiece in the field of managerial mess that was the Magpies’ 2008-09 season. The aim … Continue reading

I’m Sticking With You / After Promotion

It’s only the start of October and newly promoted teams QPR, Norwich and Swansea have already dropped thirteen points each. The directors of those clubs must surely be thinking about jettisoning their managers and bringing in new faces. Sure, Neil Warnock, Paul Lambert and Brendan Rodgers won promotion last season – but what have they … Continue reading

André Villas-Boas: a detailed visual analysis

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The Lion, the Bird and the Seahorse

Sick of season previews that go on about meaningless stuff like new signings, potential weaknesses and predicted positions? Below is a round up of the twenty 2011-12 Premier League teams in terms of something truly important: their crests. Whether you call them crests, logos, badges or blazing shields of defiance and optimism, they make up … Continue reading

Top Flight Sixty-Four

There wasn’t a London team in the First Division of the Football League until its 17th season, I read. That’s interesting, I thought. Et cetera, et cetera and so on… I made this:

Quiz: Cresty Bits

As build-up for the new season I am going to be taking a look at those much-loved, but seldom examined, icons of the game: club crests. I will be dissecting in detail the logos of the twenty 2011-12 Premier League teams as the season nears, but before then I thought a little crest-based quiz would … Continue reading

Is the Premier League really that much more repetitive?

Manchester United’s stream of league titles since the early ’90s has brought with it frequent accusations that the competition has become excessively repetitive. You don’t need an infographic to tell you that only three clubs have won the title in the last 16 seasons, there hasn’t been a new champion since 1978 and a bit … Continue reading

Quiz: Identify the Player From Their Visualised Scoring Record

Can you identify a footballer from their career scoring record? I’ve converted players’ league goal stats into lovely colourful bar chart type things. The nineteen players featured have all scored at least 100 goals in the Premier League (although the inclusion requirement counts only Premier League goals, goals scored in the old First Division are … Continue reading

Survival Sunday: Who was going down as the day progressed?

Much of the global twittersphere mistook #survivalsunday trending as being a celebration of the end of the world, as predicted by a certain section of the U.S. Scientific Community, not having come to fruition on Saturday. Whereas the Apocalypse fails to occur every day, a last-match relegation battle with the drama that yesterday had happens … Continue reading