Quiz: Golaccio!

Cast your mind back to the mid 1990s: in Italy, Silvio Berlusconi is Prime Minister, the economy has been shaken by a recent recession and Alessandro Del Piero is finding the net for Juventus. You live in a world where live football of any kind is a rare event on terrestrial television and even Match … Continue reading

Quiz: Cresty Bits

As build-up for the new season I am going to be taking a look at those much-loved, but seldom examined, icons of the game: club crests. I will be dissecting in detail the logos of the twenty 2011-12 Premier League teams as the season nears, but before then I thought a little crest-based quiz would … Continue reading

Quiz: Identify the Player From Their Visualised Scoring Record

Can you identify a footballer from their career scoring record? I’ve converted players’ league goal stats into lovely colourful bar chart type things. The nineteen players featured have all scored at least 100 goals in the Premier League (although the inclusion requirement counts only Premier League goals, goals scored in the old First Division are … Continue reading