The Soviet Union and its Successor States in the European Championship and Asian Cup

The first European Championship, held in France in 1960, was won by the Soviet Union who would go on to reach the final a further three times. This summer, the competition will be played in one of the Soviet Union’s fifteen successor states for the first time as Ukraine co-host with Poland. This represents a … Continue reading

Top Flight Sixty-Four

There wasn’t a London team in the First Division of the Football League until its 17th season, I read. That’s interesting, I thought. Et cetera, et cetera and so on… I made this:

The Colours of the National Football Teams of the World

The map shows countries by the main colour of the home shirt of their national football team. Many countries, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean, have not settled on a particular colour (come on, guys; be a buddy!). In those cases, the most regularly used colour of recent years is shown. Click the image to … Continue reading