The Soviet Union and its Successor States in the European Championship and Asian Cup

The first European Championship, held in France in 1960, was won by the Soviet Union who would go on to reach the final a further three times. This summer, the competition will be played in one of the Soviet Union’s fifteen successor states for the first time as Ukraine co-host with Poland. This represents a milestone for Eastern Europe. Five games will be played in Donetsk, 17° further east than finals matches have ever been played before (Belgrade in 1976 being the previous eastern limit).

This graphic depicts the achievements of the Soviet Union and its successor states in the European Championship and, for the teams that joined the Asian Football Confederation, the Asian Cup. You can view the image below or click on it to see an enlarged version in a new tab.


4 Responses to “The Soviet Union and its Successor States in the European Championship and Asian Cup”
  1. There is no doubt that huge amount of soccer fans are waiting to enjoy the tournament.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You should do one on Yugoslavia, with the Euro and World Cup

  3. SeanD says:

    Really nice, beautifully designed. Would have been good to have included World Cup efforts too though, they should fit in comfortably enough.

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