NUFC 5 – 0 MUFC: Five goals, fifteen years, two dimensions

Fifteen years ago today, Newcastle United beat Manchester United by five goals to nil. It was class.

My tribute comes in the form of five still images, each showing one of the five goals.

Since my days doodling as a schoolboy I have tried to draw goals. By “goals” I mean acts of scoring in football, not goalposts (I can just about draw those). How do you present action that occurs over three spacial dimensions as well as time in a single two-dimensional image? Which angle do you view from? Which of the players do you include? Which movements do you include? How do you show movement? Why not stop worrying and go back to drawing slightly rubbish pictures of Simpsons characters? These were all good questions.

The five images each use a different scheme to show a goal. Goal three resembles the standardised format I used to representing goals in this post, but otherwise they are intended to be less rigid and precise and more attempts to capture the je ne sais quoi of the goal.

Click images to enlarge.

1. Darren Peacock
2. David Ginola
3. Les Ferdinand
4. Alan Shearer
5. Philippe Albert

5 Responses to “NUFC 5 – 0 MUFC: Five goals, fifteen years, two dimensions”
  1. molecule says:

    These are beautiful. The first, I think, is the most interesting. Are you really creating these by hand? It’d be lovely to see you apply this to some of Barca’s more artistic goals.

    • Cheers!
      Depends what you mean by “by hand”. They’re drawn “by mouse” with a bit of tracing from the footage where possible.

      • TomP says:

        Well, on a computer, “by mouse” is “by hand”. I wondered if you were using any video- or image-processing tools to help out with this. I seems it would be laborious to trace all the figures in the first image just using your mouse. There are tools that produce sketches from photos, for instance, though they also produce a lot of clutter. And, I could imagine a video tool that blurred together successive frames would provide a good starting point for sketches like image 3.

        Anyway, I do love that first image.

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