1982 World Cup posters

For some editions of the World Cup, as well as a poster commemorating the host country, a poster for each host city was commissioned. I was recently lucky enough to share a house with the posters of some of the Spanish cities that hosted matches in 1982, but I have been unable to find an online resource displaying all of them. The posters are a fantastic piece of football art history so, for the sake of posterity, I am going to curate a collection of the works here (for ‘curate’ read ‘nick from other websites’).

Below are pictured the host country poster and the fourteen host city posters of the 1982 World Cup.


SpainJoan Miró
image via artistposter.com


AlicantePierre Alechinsky
via artistposter.com

BarcelonaAntoni Tàpies
via ebay’s carteles82

BilbaoEduardo Chillida
via Vintage European Posters

ElcheJiří Kolář
via artistposter.com

GijónGérard Titus-Carmel
via artistposter.com

La CoruñaErró
via artistposter.com

MadridEduardo Arroyo
via gal-123.com

MálagaRoland Topor
via carteles82

OviedoPol Bury
via artistposter.com

SevillaAntonio Saura
via artistposter.com

ValenciaValerio Adami
via carteles82

ValladolidVladimir Veličković
via artistposter.com

VigoJacques Monory
via artistposter.com

ZaragozaJean-Michel Folon
via artistposter.com

Adami’s Valencia is one of my favourites. The winged ball is begging to be made into a team crest:

How it would look on an Umbro shirt:

4 Responses to “1982 World Cup posters”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice post, the Madrid poster is definitely my favorite! 🙂

  2. JJOKBOB says:

    Amazingly designed! These posters seduce me in an artful, subtle way. They tease the viewer with mystery, and my eyes are roaming the poster, border to border sometimes in search of details. Even the plainest one (Gijon), which I thought initially was a photograph, turned out to be probably hand drawn as the frayed tendrils of the rope seem to be framed as a living organism.

    And I agree that winged ball is so beautiful, that it belongs as part of a team’s crest.

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