Is the Premier League really that much more repetitive?

Manchester United’s stream of league titles since the early ’90s has brought with it frequent accusations that the competition has become excessively repetitive. You don’t need an infographic to tell you that only three clubs have won the title in the last 16 seasons, there hasn’t been a new champion since 1978 and a bit … Continue reading

What kind of time is the Copa América on, then?

As with all tournaments that garner international interest, fans around the world will be checking kick-off times and working out time differences to see which, if any, matches of the upcoming Copa América fall at convenient times to watch. Below is a visual guide for working out what time of day games, that take place in … Continue reading

Quiz: Identify the Player From Their Visualised Scoring Record

Can you identify a footballer from their career scoring record? I’ve converted players’ league goal stats into lovely colourful bar chart type things. The nineteen players featured have all scored at least 100 goals in the Premier League (although the inclusion requirement counts only Premier League goals, goals scored in the old First Division are … Continue reading