Survival Sunday: Who was going down as the day progressed?

Much of the global twittersphere mistook #survivalsunday trending as being a celebration of the end of the world, as predicted by a certain section of the U.S. Scientific Community, not having come to fruition on Saturday. Whereas the Apocalypse fails to occur every day, a last-match relegation battle with the drama that yesterday had happens less than once a decade.

Five teams were battling it out across four matches to avoid finishing in the two relegation positions that remained after West Ham’s demotion was confirmed last week. It was a thrilling afternoon with the net found 15 times in the four matches and the two teams occupying 18th and 19th changing five times.

This chart shows how the teams’ standings looked and which two teams would have been relegated had the matches finished with the scores as they stood after each goal was scored in the relevant matches. Clicking enlarges in a new tab:

Reference: BBC Sport

2 Responses to “Survival Sunday: Who was going down as the day progressed?”
  1. stevehaake says:

    Love your diagrams and particularly this last one of #survivalsunday. Tried to do something similar but as a clock face.

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