The Relentless Goalscoring of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has always been a great goal-scorer for Barcelona but his record over the last two seasons has been nothing short of incredible. In fact his fantastic pattern of scoring has been so consistent that it is easy to overlook it.

The chart shows all of the goals he has scored for Barcelona in 2009/10 and so far in 2010/11. The colours represent the six different club competitions he has played in. Over these one and two-thirds seasons he has scored 92 goals in 93 appearances (47 in 53 last season and 45 in 40 this).

This chart goes up to Barcelona’s Champions League win over Arsenal on 9th March 2011. I’ll post an updated version at the end of the season when we’ll know if he has brought his record over the two seasons up to a goal a game (he is only one short at the moment) – an amazing rate to sustain over two whole years.

One Response to “The Relentless Goalscoring of Lionel Messi”
  1. Toobz says:

    If you take out the Supercopa del Espana and European Super Cup, which are friendly/exhibition matches, then he loses five goals in four games. So how did this turn out?

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